Dead Hard Drive?

Owning a laptop means that you will likely have to contend with broken hardware one day or another. A computer is made up of a lot of parts, and all these parts can either fail after their lifecycle is over or because they are defective or not properly maintained (ever cleaned the inside of your PC?). One of the most frustrating hardware failures out there is undoubtedly a hard disk drive failure. A computer hard disk is what holds all your stored data, be it Windows system files, various software you use, your documents, important work files, games, personal photo, etc. A dead hard disk can potentially make all of this data inaccessible, which means you will lose anything that was there on the hard disk.

You do not need to be a genius to understand that this would surely cripple you, in one way or another. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you take precautionary steps in order to avoid complete data loss. Thankfully, a hard disk failure is not something that just happens without any warning signs. Most of the times, a worn hard drive on the brink of failure will cause all sorts of trouble for you, be it slow booting times (or the computer not booting at all), inability to access certain files, weird clicking sounds and overall sluggish performance of your computer. Whenever you notice such signs, you should first of all turn off your computer to avoid further damage and contact an outlet providing professional laptop repairs. This option is the most reliable way to avoid potential trouble, but you need to be quick to act when you notice the signs.

If you need to, you can do a quick data backup while your laptop is still running. There are many free data recovery software available on the Internet, and most of them are quite user-friendly. In this manner, you can easily make copies of your most important data, without having to worry about it being non-recoverable. Alternatively, get a spare external hard drive or USB pen drive so that you can move over files manually. Sometimes though, you might fail to notice the signs of a failed hard disk quick enough, laptop might already not boot or your hard drive is already dead. In such cases, it can be difficult to do manual backup since you cannot access your operating system. If such an instance arises, the only option is to resort a company that provides data recovery services. Such companies can actually be useful in case your lost data is something very important and non-recoverable by any other means.

If you ever face such a problem, remember that preventing a hard disk failure is not possible. Hard drives will fail after they reach their limits, and your best bet in keeping your data safe is to do regular backups every once in a while. For important data, you should consider making multiple backups just in case everything goes to worse.