Extra Vigilance In The 21st Century

It seems as though every time we open our web browser or a newspaper we are assaulted with increasingly violent crimes. It is not just enough that there are robberies during daylight hours; there has to be muggings too. As sad as it is, we have to take extra precautions to be safe in these times so here are some suggestions for you to think about:

Fort Knox Your Home

Your home should be the one place where you feel safe. Find a reputable company and add as many devices and gadgets as you can afford to protect your home. But it is not just enough to have trip wires and sensors; you also need someone alarm monitoring Melbourne in case there is an emergency. So make sure when you hire a firm that they have someone at their desk 24/7 so that if you face an attack and the alarm goes off, they will notify the police without you having to do so.

Live Carefully

Yes you should go bungee jumping. Yes, you should go parasailing. No, you should not walk down that darkened lane to your home even if it is only three doors down. Never, loiter after dark in places that lend itself to crime, such as ‘blind spots’ without CCTV cameras covering the streets, or lamp posts lighting it up where you can see an assailant coming. Do not go down to a parking lot alone, even during day, if it is large and isolated; ask the security guard to keep watch till you get in your car and drive away. If there is no one around and you have to walk down a dark lane to get to our house, call someone that you know will pick up and stay on the line talking till you get inside and you know everything is safe. Visit www.artsecurity.com.au/security-systems/ for more security systems to look for.

Be a Ninja

It doesn’t matter how much you hate physical activity, no one can afford to not have some knowledge of self-defence and martial arts now. You do not have to earn a black belt in Karate, but go to a few lessons and learn how to defend yourself. This applies to men and women. In some scenarios, there is no place for you to run and the only way out may be breaking someone’s nose so learn how to do so. In less drastic scenarios, women face sexual harassment all the time, so learn holds, grips and pinches that will allow you to twist away from an attacker. Take the time and the effort to keep yourself safe and secure.