How To Create Classy Gopro Videos

GoPros are one of the latest trending tech equipment in capturing quality video footages even in the hard to reach places. They have been used for a variety of different purposes from film making to stunt recordings. There are multiple viral videos that have been filmed through the Gopro device that are been viewed and shared throughout the world on social media channels. From the most recent 360 degree videos to being used by stuntmen and sportsman alike, to even underwater film making. Not only is this tiny device so versatile and portable but it packs so much of a punch that there is a complete genre filled with videos from sky diving, extreme bike riding skills and sport stunts. It’s so easy to use that even an amateur can simply pick up the camera and capture amazing videos. So if you and an amateur yourself and looking for head start, this article will just show you how to do it.  Videoing Active ScenesRecording action scenes are the hardest to do so that even professional film makers rely on expensive equipment. GoPro comes with a wide range of accessories like a handheld gimbal stabilizer for gopro that’ll remove those unwanted shaky camera where you can’t see anything properly.  So whether you are sky diving or filming your own action fight sequence, investing in a handheld GoPro stabilizer is a good choice to make. GoPros are packed with many features, video settings and functionalities to chose and experiment with. They are ideal for any form of use as they are just as powerful as they are rugged. However, when you want to shoot those sudden impromptu moments there are a wide range of effects you can utilize along with the many accessories they come with.The looping modeThis method is the unique way of capturing a continuous cycle of only the best moments that you think are worthwhile. Brings convenience when you wish to save extra space in your memory card. The Time lapse modeIf you find yourself in an area full beautiful landscapes and scenery, maybe pull out your GoPro and set it on Time lapse mode. This feature allows you to get a video of the changing landscape and time all in one fluid motion. You may have to leave your 3 axis gimbal for gopro on for a few hours though. It is perfect to video the floating clouds or the rising sun. There are available accessories to help compliment this mode, some like a portable carriage to slowly move you GoPro transversely as it records. Perfect to get those moving landscape shots.