How To Purchase And Register A Domain Name

When you search online for a website what you type on the browser is the domain name of the website. For an example you would type Most people are under the misconception that you need to be a company or an organization to be able to purchase one. You really don’t have to be even a single individual can do it. Having one is very important when it comes to running a good business online. Having one would indicate to people doing business with you that your company has a certain level of stability. In addition to if you have one that is in direct relation to your product then it would lead people who searched for the product to come to your site. For an example if you are a jewelry shop and your name is your website would come as result when looking for jewelry.

Basically what is involved when registering a name is registering it with an organization called ICANN. In the sense the domain name purchase is done through the registering of it through an online registrar who in turn is connected to ICANN. There is a small subscription fee that you would have to pay annually to maintain the name that you have bought.
When it comes to registering you could of course go through a web host who would provide it as a part of the service that they provide or you could do it yourself through a reputable registrar that is out there. It is up to you to decide. If you don’t trust the web hosts or even Melbourne hosting services then do it yourself.
Moving on when it comes to selecting the name that you want to registrar there are a couple of things one must keep in mind. When it comes to this select a good one that you think would be most attractive and easy to remember. This is so because the number of people who would return to your website would increase if it becomes easier for them to remember it. Shorter ones of course tend to be a tad bit expensive so keep that also in mind. You would of course have to pay for your domain name purchase through a credit card or pay pal account. This is so as everything would be done online.
Moving on there is some information like the primary and secondary server names that you would need to ask your web host for. This information of course may sound a bit technical but you simply need to get it from your web host and pass it along. It is not important for you to fully understand these technical terms.
In conclusion it is not that much of a hard job to buy and register a name it is a pretty simple process if you look at it really.